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Birds from the animal kingdom including eagles, geese, owls, cranes, falcons and more
Australasian Swamphen on Pond BankAustralian Pelican CloseupAustralian Pelican Full BodyBald Eagle GazeBlack Swan ProfileBlack-necked Stork ProfileBush Stone Curlew ProfileCanada Geese Traversing Frozen PondEmerald Dove Profile and PerchEyes of a Bald EagleFlock of Spoonbill Birds on RoofGeese and Ducks PurviewGreat Horned Owl Against GreenGreat Horned OwlGrey Crowned CraneIce Bound BirdIce TravelersKriders Hawk Isolated Against GreenKriders Hawk Profile Against GreenLesser Flamingo Preening