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Chase Group Races Downhill at StillwaterColin Joyce in Peloton at StillwaterColin Joyce on Course at StillwaterCyclist Races Downhill at StillwaterCyclists Around Corner at StillwaterCyclists at Stillwater Criterium Round TurnCyclists Chase Leader at StillwaterCyclists Chase Leaders at StillwaterCyclists Make Turn at StillwaterCyclists on Course at StillwaterCyclists on Downhill at Stillwater CriteriumCyclists Racing Downhill at StillwaterDylan Sutherland Leads at StillwaterEmma White on Downhill at StillwaterNorth Star Grand Prix Mens StartPeloton Chases Leaders at StillwaterPeloton Turns Corner at StillwaterPro Cyclist on Course at StillwaterPro Cyclist Races Downhill at StillwaterPro Cyclists Compete at Stillwater

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The 2017 North Star Grand Prix was back for another year at the same classic venues with a few variations. The final stage, the Stillwater Criterium, is always an excellent location for taking in the action.
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